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Tag: Company:Baidu
Baidu Union
Baidu union advertising Baidu SEM now has a database of over 300,000 websites for Baidu union ads. And they are categorized into 25 fields and 115 sub-brands. Baidu union ad users can select the websites they want to put their ads on according to the categories. For example, if a cosmetics company wants to promote themselves via Baidu union ads, targeting on young fashion female, they could choo ...
Baidu TV
Baidu TV Baidu operates its advertising service, Baidu TV, in partnership with Ads it! Media Corporation, an online advertising agency and technology company. Baidu TV provides advertisers access to the websites of its Baidu Union members, allowing advertisers to choose Websites on which they post their video advertisements with the aid of its advertisement targeting and matching system. It also ...
ProTheme Baidu offers ProTheme services to some of its Baidu Union members, which enable these members to display on their properties its customers' promotional links that are relevant to the subject and content of such members' properties. Baidu generates revenues from ProTheme services based on the number of clicks on its customers' links and share the revenues with its Baidu Union members in  ...
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Pay for placement (P4P) Paid Search  When a searcher enters a query on Baidu, he/she will get a list of natural search results ranked by relevance with several relevant text advertisements alongside or above those results. This type of paid search advertising on the search result page is Baidu's P4P (Pay for Placement) product.   The following screenshot shows paid search ads w ...
Baidu百度, Inc. (Chinese: 百度; pinyin: Bǎidù, pronounced BY-doo in English), incorporated on January 18, 2000, is a Chinese web services company headquartered in the Baidu Campus in Haidian District in Beijing.[5] Baidu offers many services, including a Chinese language-search engine for websites, audio files, and images. Baidu offers 57 search and community services including Baidu Baike (an onli ...