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Creative Concept
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Tag: Company:Beiersdorf AG
NIVEA DOLL Protecting children while on the beach is at the heart of NIVEA Sun Kids’ philosophy. Parents often struggle to snag their excited children long enough to properly apply sunscreen, so how do you teach a young child the importance of wearing sunscreen? With the NIVEA Doll – a doll that is sensitive to the rays of the sun. (  
The Protection Ad by Nivea
The Protection Ad by Nivea Talk about combining art, science and technology. NIVEA Sun Kids has added a whole new layer of protection. While NIVEA has always protected skin, a new ad allows a bracelet to be synchronized with an app so parents can easily monitor their kids’ movements at the beach. If a child strays too far, an alarm sounds and parents are warned. Ingenious, indeed. (http://www.fc ...
NIVEA Solar Ad Charger (English)
NIVEA Solar Ad Charger (English) Thanks to a solar panel as thin as paper, our unique print ad for NIVEA Sun allowed people to plug in and actually charge their cell phones while enjoying the sun with the protection of NIVEA Sun products. (