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The Technician
The Technician Roland Svensson's head measures 275 mm. The new Volvo FMX has 300 mm of ground clearance. See what a few centimetres more space can do. (
Who Cares
Who Cares To attract young people to an occupation where you have to give up your comfort to help others. Swedish armed forces created a scenario to determine how far people are prepared to go to help one another. A person was locked up in an enclosed box, he agreed to sit there until someone else willing replace him. Every hour a door would open and if someone was there he could leave the box w ...
You Are My Son
You Are My Son Lowe SSP3 Colombia has launched its latest new campaign for the Colombian Ministry of Defence, with the continued objective of encouraging FARC Guerrillas to demobilise and return to society. ‘You are My Son’ is the follow up to the multi award winning ‘Operation Christmas’, ‘Rivers of Light’ and last year’s ‘Operation Bethlehem’. Again utilising intelligence from the MOD and the  ...
Casinó Di Venezia - Keep Playing
Casinó Di Venezia - Keep Playing Abbiamo trasformato due nastri bagagli dell'aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia in gigantesche roulette. I passeggeri hanno potuto scommettere su quale numero il loro bagaglio sarebbe stato riconsegnato. I bagagli in arrivo sul numero 16 (da 1638, anno della fondazione del Casinó di Venezia) hanno vinto istantaneamente un gadget. A tutti i passeggeri sono stati offer ...
IKEA - moving the store
IKEA - moving the store IKEA in Bergen, Norway was about to move to their new location, a brand new store only 300 meters away from the old one. They asked to IKEA to make a campaign for the store-opening that would engage the people of Bergen to show up at the new store.(