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Tag: Prize:Lovie Award
Alzheimer Nederland - Alzheimer's Event
Alzheimer Nederland - Alzheimer's Event The Dutch Alzheimer’s Foundation wants to mobilize more and younger people in the fight against dementia, people for whom the disease is more remote. To do so we created a Facebook campaign that used friend’s photos to allow people to experience what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s disease. During the campaign, people were tagged in photos of events that nev ...
adidas - Nitrocharge Your Game
adidas - Nitrocharge Your Game [case] The new adidas nitrocharge football boot is packed with 5 features that give back energy to a player whenever he makes a move. And that's exactly what players experienced in Nitrocharge Your Game. The more physical energy players put in, the more explosive the game. At 5 key-moments in the game, each tying back to the 5 boot features, players complete ...