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Creative Concept
Totale: 2 risultati.
Tag: Creative Concept:Transition Into a New Dimension
The North Face #Sudden Exploration
The North Face has a practical function and simple design that are essential for everyday life. With the launch of 'McMurdo' is now possible to live a variety of indirect experiences without going outside. McMurde provided in a pop-upstore the opportunity for customers to experience Antarctica in a 3D virtual reality wearing a down jacket. Customers have taken their dog sleds in virtual reality  ...
The Impossible Family Portrait
The Impossible Family Portrait Pereira & O’Dell has introduced for Skype three short stories for its “Stay Together” campaign that focus on family and friends keeping in touch over long distances. Their accounts are wildly different, heartfelt approaches to living apart from loved ones. The first of the series, “The Impossible Family Portrait,” tells the story of Denis&nb ...