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Creative Concept
Totale: 4 risultati.
Tag: Prize:El Sol
Coca -Cola Life
Coca -Cola Life  Coke Argentina tells a true-to-life story of the highs and lows of early parenthood. We see a couple go through all the milestones after bringing home a baby—from sheer exhaustion to toddler mischief to the "Toys R Us has thrown up all over my house" stage. Not a new concept for advertising, but it's done in a beautiful way. No grating screaming kid noises or parents dismis ...
AUDI GPS - Geopositioned Stories
AUDI GPS - Geopositioned Stories Audi GPS: Geopositioned Stories, the first GPS designed for losing yourself. To celebrate its birthday, customers were given the experience to drive around an open-air museum: Over 400 km and 480 minutes of narrated routes for getting carried away throughout cities all around Spain to listen from their vehicle. A mailing was sent out along with a person ...
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Earthquake Amulet
Earthquake Amulet A device designed to help save lives. An innovation project with the Topos Rescue Brigade in Mexico. (
FIAT LIVE STORE - case film Mais do que um projeto, a Live Store é um novo modelo de negócios. Criamos uma maneira revolucionária de experimentar carros na internet. Na Fiat Live Store, você é guiado por um Expert que te apresenta os carros ao vivo, por áudio e vídeo. Os Experts usam uma câmera na altura dos olhos que permite que você se sinta dentro do carro, sem sair de casa. No final, vo ...