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Creative Concept
Totale: 10 risultati.
Tag: Prize:International ANDY Awards
Coca -Cola Life
Coca -Cola Life  Coke Argentina tells a true-to-life story of the highs and lows of early parenthood. We see a couple go through all the milestones after bringing home a baby—from sheer exhaustion to toddler mischief to the "Toys R Us has thrown up all over my house" stage. Not a new concept for advertising, but it's done in a beautiful way. No grating screaming kid noises or parents dismis ...
The Pursuit by Equinox
The Pursuit by Equinox After acquiring SoulCycle in 2011, Equinox doubles down on high-end spinning classes. In December 2014, the fitness chain launched Equinox launched The Pursuit, a high-intensity, data-driven, gamified spin class developed with R/GA and chock-full of dynamic data visualizations. (   Reference:
  Thunderclap Thunderclap helps groups of people share a single message at the same time. Social media is an easy way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard. Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social n ...
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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 - #MontyThePenguin This year’s Christmas campaign featuring Monty the Penguin reminds us of the magic of Christmas seen through a child’s eyes and is set to Tom Odell’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’. (
World's Toughest Job
World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob The campaign showcases a series of real job interviews for "director of operations," an unpaid position that requires you to stand on your feet for 24 hours a day. Eventually the interview reveals that the post is already filled by mothers. (
Century21 Breaking Bad
Century21 Breaking Bad There was a tidal wave of social media activity, too — more than 1.2 million tweets, with as many as 22,373 tweets per minute. The show creators delivered an epic finish, killing it in every way imaginable with this episode. (
KOMBI LAST WISHES Cannes Lions 2014 A brilliant campaign to save Drive-In Cinemas; and VW Kombi’s ‘Last Wishes’, a heartwarming campaign dripping in nostalgia to farewell the beloved VW Kombi van. (  
Always #LikeAGirl
Always #LikeAGirl When did the phrase ‘like a girl’ become so negative? More than half of girls lose confidence during puberty – and a contributing factor to that drop are societal put-downs based solely on gender. Only 19 percent of women have a positive association with the expression ‘like a girl. The #LikeAGirl social experiment recruited real women, men, boys and pre-pubescent girls  ...
The Protection Ad by Nivea
The Protection Ad by Nivea Talk about combining art, science and technology. NIVEA Sun Kids has added a whole new layer of protection. While NIVEA has always protected skin, a new ad allows a bracelet to be synchronized with an app so parents can easily monitor their kids’ movements at the beach. If a child strays too far, an alarm sounds and parents are warned. Ingenious, indeed. (http://www.fc ...
Save the Troy Library
Save the Troy Library "Adventures In Reverse Psychology" Troy, Michigan, couldn’t afford to sustain its library, so it scheduled a vote for a tax increase. A strong antitax group waged a dominating campaign against it. Forming our own political group, we posted signs around town that said, “Vote to close Troy library Aug. 2, book burning party Aug. 5.” We drove voters to our Facebook page, addin ...