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Tag: Prize:Kinsale Shark Advertising Festival
Samsung Maestros Academy
  Samsung Maestros Academy Italian craftsmanship has long been considered a renowned art form. Now, in a time when younger generations are gravitating to smartphones rather than toolboxes, expertise is only reminiscent of a bygone era. With the help of Leo Burnett Milan, Samsung created the first-ever digital conservatory called Maestros Academy to foster the next generation of  ...
Rivers of Light
Rivers of Light From La Macarena, Meta, Army, Navy and Air Force kicked off this operation in order to carry messages and gifts from relatives and friends of people who are on the FARC guerrillas inviting them to demobilize for Christmas. The messages and gifts were placed in hundreds of Christmas balls that were later transported in boats and helicopters to be ignited and released in different  ...
Pennies For Life
Pennies For Life The average charity donor is unlikely to get a thank-you note that is broadcast to hundreds of people within seconds. But that's what happened to people giving money to the MicroLoan Foundation at a west London shopping centre in February. This case video shows how it was done. The messages were part of DLKW Lowe's Pennies for Life campaign for the charity, on a digital advertis ...
Introducing Clever Buoy™
Introducing Clever Buoy™ - An Idea by Optus Most people think the number one player covers a much higher proportion of the country’s population, when the difference is actually less than one per cent. Our task was change the conversation from the size of the Optus Network, to what it can do to improve people’s lives. Australia has four times more fatal shark attacks than any other country ...
Honda Honda H2O
Honda Honda H2O The FCX Clarity, that emits nothing but water from its exhaust, is a powerful example of Honda’s commitment to the environment. Virtually unknown in Australia, our job was to educate Australian drivers about the FCX and start a conversation about hydrogen fuel, inspiring them to find out more. So we created a brand of water called H2O, putting the FCX’s game-changing (and world ...
Cow & Gate: Supergroup
Cow & Gate: Supergroup. Creative News Over half of all new mums feel under pressure for their baby to achieve significant developmental milestones early. Cow&Gate believes that growing up should not be rushed, what matters is nurturing little personalities. (