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Creative Concept
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Tag: Prize:Wave Festival
The Bible of Barbecue by Tramontina
The Bible of Barbecue i.e. Influencer Marketing by Tramontina Barbecue is a Brazilian passion, and Tramontina is the leader brand of kitchen supplies in Brazil. It has the most complete line of barbecue accessories. But the brand needed to prove just how seriously they took barbecuing in order to gain the respect and loyalty of their most important clients: barbecue restaurant owners. We de ...
The Bible of Barbecue
The Bible of Barbecue  A beautiful book that you can keep on your shelf or tear to pieces to make the perfect barbecue.
The Lionfish Invasion
The Lionfish Invasion Lionfish is an invasive foreign species that threatens the Caribbean; it lays more than 2,000,000 eggs per year, it has no natural predators in these waters and it feeds off of native species, destroying the coral reef. It has become a risk for the environment and the economy of more than 30 countries in the Caribbean. (  
Leica "100" via La Vida Leica
Leica "100" via La Vida Leica  A new Leica "100" advertisement, relating to the Leica 100 year centennial and celebrating the opening of the Leica Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It recreates 35 historical Leica photos. ( Reference:
Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign
Sol de Janeiro | Tattoo 2014 - Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign A cool way to help prevent skin cancer. A movement lead by tattooers and conscious people. (
Perfect Place - ASICS
Perfect Place - ASICS ASICS Perfect Pace is a running application that helps you to train right. You choose how much you’d like to run, in what pace and which songs you’d like to hear and the app helps you to keep the right pace when running by changing the beat of the songs you chose. If you run in the right pace, the music plays perfectly. If you run too fast, the beat of the song  ...
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BGH - My home is an oven
BGH - My home is an oven During summer there are a lot of houses that practically turn into an oven. So BGH decided to grant extra discounts to the houses that get exposed more to the sun than others. They created a sunshine-hour based discount system together with Google maps. The more hours your house is exposed to the sun, the more discount you get on a BGH air conditioner. (http://creative ...
Hello My Name Means
Johnson & Johnson: Hello My Name Means The "Hello my name means" is an App that provides a compiled statistical data on names. This information is extracted from Internet sources such as websites, social networking and other apps. The App intends to help moms and dads who want to check this kind of data before choosing the name of their future baby and also to everyone who have any interes ...
FIAT LIVE STORE - case film Mais do que um projeto, a Live Store é um novo modelo de negócios. Criamos uma maneira revolucionária de experimentar carros na internet. Na Fiat Live Store, você é guiado por um Expert que te apresenta os carros ao vivo, por áudio e vídeo. Os Experts usam uma câmera na altura dos olhos que permite que você se sinta dentro do carro, sem sair de casa. No final, vo ...
Carvalho Hosken - The Social Home Tour
Carvalho Hosken - The Social Home Tour Criamos o Social Home 2.0. Os visitantes agendavam a visita ao apartamento decorado, usando seus logins do Facebook. Isso nos dava acesso a álbuns de fotos, páginas curtidas, vídeos compartilhados, bandas preferidas e outras informações de seus perfis. O apartamento, então, era automaticamente personalizado com as memórias afetivas de cada vistitante. (http ...
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The Protection Ad by Nivea
The Protection Ad by Nivea Talk about combining art, science and technology. NIVEA Sun Kids has added a whole new layer of protection. While NIVEA has always protected skin, a new ad allows a bracelet to be synchronized with an app so parents can easily monitor their kids’ movements at the beach. If a child strays too far, an alarm sounds and parents are warned. Ingenious, indeed. (http://www.fc ...
NIVEA Solar Ad Charger (English)
NIVEA Solar Ad Charger (English) Thanks to a solar panel as thin as paper, our unique print ad for NIVEA Sun allowed people to plug in and actually charge their cell phones while enjoying the sun with the protection of NIVEA Sun products. (