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Creative Concept

Brian Solis


Brian Solis (born December 8, 1970) is a digital analyst, speaker and author. He studies disruptive technology and its impact on business at Altimeter Group, a research firm acquired by global brand management consultancy Prophet in 2015. Solis publishes annual industry reports that track technology and business trends and offer change management direction to companies. The author of several books discussing digital marketing, evolving business models, customer experience and brand innovation, Solis shares his research and insights as a frequent keynote speaker at technology, business and creativity events. His work is credited with influencing the early digital and social marketing landscape.

Early career

Solis began his career as a programmer and database architect in 1991 at Dodge and Mansfield, a technology-focused advertising and marketing agency in Ventura, California. While at Dodge and Mansfield, he applied his technology skills to the firm’s marketing activities.

In 1999, Solis started a digital and social media marketing company called FutureWorks. FutureWorks helped startups with digital and traditional marketing programs, often experimenting with new channels and networks, as well as global and national brands like Cisco, Conde Nast, Stella Artois and Swarovski.

As Solis struck out on his own as founder of FutureWorks, he began questioning industry conventions, at first casting himself as a critic whose statements helped frame the discussion on an industry reinvention.

Ashton Kutcher (actor, entrepreneur and investor) took an interest in FutureWorks. Kutcher’s media company Katalyst partnered with FutureWorks in 2009 to work on several early social and digital campaigns for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, the United Nations, Pepsi and the launch of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

From 2008 – 2010, Solis served as co-founder to BuzzGain, a cloud-based platform for identifying digital influencers and managing influence campaigns. In 2010, BuzzGain was acquired by Meltwater.

In 2011, Solis joined the Altimeter Group as a principal analyst. In his role, Brian oversees research that studies disruptive technology’s impact on business and society. He has authored several reports on the subjects of Digital Influence, Social Media, Social Business, Digital Transformation, Mobile CX/UX, Disruptive Technology Trends and Corporate Innovation.


Solis’ blog is ranked as a Top 10 Ad Age Power 150 blog.

During the Fall of 2010, he partnered with Landini Media to launch (R)evolution, a Youtube-based series featuring interviews with startup entrepreneurs, investors, business and political leaders, celebrities and innovators. Previous guests include Burnett, Corgan, Katie Couric, Adrian Grenier, O'Neal and Peter Guber.

In 2012, Brian was invited to become a LinkedIn Influencer, joining a highly curated group of leaders, thinkers, and authors on the network’s dedicated publishing channel Pulse.

In 2013, he received a Webby Award Honoree for Best Web Personality/Host in the online film and video category.

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Tags: Industry: Entrepreneurship
Company: Altimeter Group
Country: United States
Creative Concept: Strategy and Competitiveness,Technology
Language: English

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